Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Before Photos

So at this point in the blog you are probably aware that Zach and I have just moved into  
The Wold Farm, his Grandparents' 100-year-old farmhouse in Saint Olaf, Iowa. 

Moving into a fully-furnished home makes for a tricky moving day. Not only did we have the daunting task of unloading the 26-ft Penske Truck (crammed to full capacity, see previous blog-post) but we also had to determine what furniture already in the home needed to stay, where it should stay, and what needed to be stored, given away, or thrown away. As if that doesn't sound like quite the challenge for any normal human-being, it was doubly difficult being a highly sentimental person!

I am so thankful to have had my mom-in-law help us with the move. She not only helped us clean, get organized, and begin our first projects, she also helped me learn my way around these country roads and feel comfortable in our new home. Our first few weeks at the farm would have been total chaos without her (OK, it was still total chaos but we had fun)! Thanks Mom!

We managed to snap a few before photos of our new home before everything had been taken out/moved in...

The Living Room

Above is the Dining Room & Below the Kitchen
The Laundry room & downstairs Half Bath

And now...
"The Master Suite"
There are three bedrooms upstairs (all with great closet space) that share a large full-bathroom. The largest of the rooms, the center bedroom, has always been used as the master. However, Zach and I have opted to transform the back smaller bedroom into our master suite. The reasoning behind taking the bedroom at the back of the house: we LOVE the view! The other bonus to the back bedroom is the huge amount of closet/storage space on either side that was created with the roof slope. We plan to turn the these two spaces into an office and small library/reading nook.  

"The Storage Spaces" soon-to-be The Library & Office Spaces

Our Master Bedroom

The Future King Guest Bedroom 
(friends & fam, are y'all ready to book your plane tix yet!?)

The Hallway 

Bathroom reno in the near future!?

Our Country Road-view guest room

The Wold Farm


Our new backyard...

I told you I am obsessed with clouds, right?

Major thanks to the Niewoehners and Kochs 
for their amazing aid in moving us in and helping us along the way!!

Thanks to the Clarks & Wackers for the abundant gifts from their garden!

Hugs to the Thurns for the amazing Welcome-to-Saint-Olaf-Blackberry-Pie!

And to all of the smiling faces we've encountered here, in and around Saint Olaf, 
thanks for making us feel at home. 
Good neighbors, you've been a Godsend!

 Check back soo
Progress photos posted NEXT!

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  1. It is exciting to see all the photos - you guys certainly have your work cut out for you but what a BEAUTIFUL home and GORGEOUS views!! All the best as you settle in!!