Saturday, September 14, 2013

First Month's Progress Photos Continued..

The Progress Continued Upstairs

 Our Master Bedroom 


We are still deciding on a paint color for the master bedroom; however, we did decide to take down the green wallpaper boarder, valance, and venetian blinds (the view is amazing!). We changed out the light fixture... I like sparkly if you haven't noticed!  

Also, we moved furniture that was in the front bedroom to use in the master and we brought our own upholstered headboard from NC. One of the favorite pieces I've purchased ever: my headboard from High Point, NC.  Shane's Collection

"In Progress"

 And now for the bonus of having the back smaller bedroom as our master suite:

what was once just Christmas storage space...

is now my lovely little (retro inspired) library!! Exciting!!

Yes, the vintage hairdryer is functional and I LOVE it
Original Jillian Webb Art on the wall: "Peartini" and "Appletini" charcoal on vintage paper 

And now for the large closet joined to the master bedroom...well that is the perfect place for our office space/man-cave/computer room! This all took a little vision and lots of work but we are really enjoying it!







Now, notice we only changed the light fixture, added Zach's bookshelf, cubes, and desk, hung his guitars, and found space for all that other Nintendo equipment and stuff that boys use (jk)! :) We even had a wall for my computer and rocking chair! Who would have thought this wasn't always an office!


 The Hallway

We mainly had to remove wallpaper and choose a paint color. You'd never have guessed how hard both of those simple tasks turned out to be! I ended up mixing my own color out of "oops" paint! At least it was inexpensive and got the job done! 

 The King Guest Room  

There is still quite a bit to do in the King Guest Room. The good news is we have a bed! And I do like the vintage chandelier. The best news is I've finally removed all of the wallpaper and primed the wall (that is quite the workout). Now, if only I knew what color to paint. 

I'm hoping to have this room finished soon, 
before my parents make their first trip to the farm!  
what a mess!

And last but definitely not least.. our sweet Country Road-view guest room... 

Thanks to my super handy husband I was able to replace the old light with this new adorable chandelier (obviously sparkly)! We brought along the white wicker furniture and kept the small antique wooden piece from Zach's great-grandma. I love how the light blue, green and pops of orange go well against the white walls. I am probably going to give this room a fresh coat of antique white paint.

Thanks for checking in with us and showing interest in our progress
A project a day keeps the doctor away?!

coming soon: reclaim, revive & reuse
making old things new! 



  1. Thanks for checkin' in with us! Come back soon!

  2. Oh my gosh!! You've done SO much work and it looks so beautiful!! I can't wait to come visit these gorgeous views! Now take a day and rest :-)