Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lamp Love

Simple & Stylish

Making our old lamp NEW!


 Before & After:  

Farmhouse Find:

When we first arrived at the farmhouse we had to do some quick work picking and choosing things to give away and keep. I stumbled across a few sturdy old lamps; I knew I could easily revive them, so I choose to hang on to them for one of my first farmhouse projects! I knew immediately that I wanted to spray the bases of the lamps white to use in our living room and kitchen. I didn't know exactly how I would refurbish the shades but I did like the antique scalloped shape.  

One day early in the move I was exploring town and saw some old lamps at Archive, a cute store in downtown Elkader. These lamps were rustic and had that charm like I envisioned for mine! Now, how did they address their shades?! They simply removed the shade's fabric, leaving the wire frame exposed! Ingenious! With this discovery I knew exactly what I would be doing as my first farmhouse refurbishing! 

What you need:

A LAMP Search around your home, garage, attic, neighborhood yardsale, etc. and you'll more than likely stumble over a similar find! One of ours needed a new part but it was inexpensive and easy to replace, you can find almost anything at your local hardware store!

 SPRAY PAINT  You can use any brand of spray paint, here I'm using ACE, but I've heard that many like Rustoleum brand for better coverage. (Always spray in an open area and away from cars, house, etc. and follow the can's instructions!)

TAPE  Any tape will do but I typically have painters tape around the house and like that it pulls off easily without residue.



LIGHT BULB - * The Original Vintage Style Bulb * - Part of what makes this project so neat is using this particular bulb because you actually see the light bulb! I've tried both 60W and 40W and I prefer the lower wattage because it's easier on the eyes.

 The Original Vintage Style Bulb
I love the look it produces with this open wire lamp shade!



The Process



Use the scissors to remove all of the fabric from your lamp shade.


Tape off the cord at the opening to protect it from the spray paint. 

Next, tape off the light switch and fill the light bulb opening with paper or cloth.  

(I used fabric from the shade.)

After wiping down the shade to remove dirt or dust you are ready to spray paint!

I gave the base and the wire shade two coats of paint. 

Note: I chose to paint the "wire shade" a bold purple to go with the color scheme in my house and contrasting the white lamp base. You can obviously choose whatever colors suit you!

And there you have it! 

I hope you've enjoyed this little "How-To"! 
Check back soon for my next 

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