Friday, September 13, 2013

Progress Photos!

Progress Photos 

Because let's be honest...
  There's no such thing as an "After" photo at this stage in the game! 
 (note: we've only been here a month!)


The Living Room

<- before - >

So OBVIOUSLY, just bringing in our own furniture and decorations really makes it start to feel like home. When we decided to move to the farm, the first things that went through my mind about the redecorating process were: a.EXCITEMENT, b. the awesome layout, & c. finally we would have a dining room!

The next things that crossed my mind... 

A. HOW (is it even possible) to remove Wall/Ceiling POPCORN?
  B. What will we do with PASTEL TEAL CARPET?!

Who knew I would actually end up liking the pastel teal carpet! Eventually we hope to refinish the hardwood floors throughout the house; however, with our neutral furniture, and bright pops of color, the carpet works for now! Small touches I've found along the way create a vibrant youthful feel in our old farmhouse.

 Part of the fun in decorating has been finding and using things that were already here at Wold Farm. I found the old cedar chest in a closet upstairs and decided it needed to be our new coffee table! The table lamp was already in the living room and I liked the scalloped shape of the shade, so I decided to refurbish it! 
  I'll show you how I updated my outdated lamp&shade in a future blog post! And of course I can't forget to mention my artwork framed and hanging behind our sofa (painted by yours truly), "Forever Faithful", inspired by one of our past visits to a small-town white church out here in Iowa. And now it is hanging in IowaFunny how life goes...


Thanks Aunt Barb for the accent pillows;
they work perfect in our new living room! :)
I found this awesome handmade-in-India throw rug for under $30!
Check out this super cute and creative store called ARCHIVE in Elkader, Iowa 

 The Dining Room

 I love how well-blended and "us" our entertaining space is by mixing Zach's Grandma's 50's blue glass centerpieces and handmade doily with my Grandma's dining room chairs and table and our Susan Ridenour sculpture bowl (a special wedding present from my sister)! 

Zach's Grandma's china cabinet (pictured above) is now painted antique white (pictured to the right) and we're using it to showcase our pottery collection and quilts. I decided to paint the china cabinet and take off the door to give this piece a completely different feel than my Grandma's china cabinet (pictured below) which we are using in a traditional manner. Oh, and I love the vintage Spanish chandeliers that Zach's Grandma has throughout the house!

 Looking through the dining room you'll notice Zach's player piano to the right and piano bench that I plan to recover using the zebra print fabric pictured. I have day-dreamed about lounging on the couch on rainy days while Zach plays the piano...  

(Did I mention I love the flow of this house!?)

The Kitchen 

Not much has changed here; nonetheless, it was quite a feat unpacking the majority of our boxes and finding most things belonged in the kitchen! My mom, my aunt Barb, and Zach's mom can all attest to the fact that I have more kitchen items, glassware, and
 fragile thing-a-ma-bobs than any of them could imagine! Somehow, all of our kitchen stuff fit perfectly into the cabinets with enough space to keep some of Zach's Grandma's glassware too! Whew! We then decided to raid our "storage building", the old farrowing house, for a couple of chairs and an antique table for two. 

You'll notice my go-to color choice is pear and plum! Yum! Plans are to paint the kitchen cabinets white and change out hardware for now.. but that is another project for another day (anyone want to come help?!). 

on to the..


Now this one is tricky! So we had planned to tackle the laundry room project first 
with a seemingly simple paint job... 

Long story "short": Small damaged area around the window meant maybe putting in a new wall, which provoked us to go ahead and put in the shower we planned to tackle later on, which then meant we might as well work on both walls, so then we found out the ceiling was actually a layering of ceilings! Oh and now, we've decided to go ahead and try our hand at our first room of hardwood floor refinishing! Wowzers, that is all quite a mouthful! 

So far: first ceiling removed, second ceiling removed, wall paneling removed, part of carpet removed, new toilet and shower purchased! LONG WAY TO GO!  


Next Post (because I've officially run out of room for this post!).. on to the Upstairs!!

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