Monday, September 30, 2013

Vintage China Cabinet - Refinished

 Vintage China Cabinet:

Refinished & Refreshed!

Love the contrast of the vintage hardware against this new paint color!

I removed the center door and painted the entire cabinet with what I'll call antique-white oops paint. I love the dramatic change this fresh paint job made and can't wait to showcase my pottery collection along with a few family quilts.

A Few DIY Tips:
Don't rush! Using two or three thinner coats of paint makes for a prettier finish. Don't overload your paint brush; it can cause the paint to glob and make drips. Take off hardware and doors before painting. Prepping your piece will make painting it easier; for example, light sanding and primingAlways give paint plenty of time to dry. After you've let your paint cure for several days, use Minwax Polycrylic or wax paste to seal and protect the finish.  

MOST IMPORTANTLY!! Don't be afraid to dive-in and experiment! I am totally new to this and having fun exploring other bloggers' successes and failures while experimenting with my own

Happy Painting...

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