Tuesday, October 29, 2013

DIY Onesie: Adorable Baby Present!

DIY Onesie: 

Adorable Baby Present!


I'm at that time in my life where many of my friends and family members are getting married and having babies. It's an incredibly exciting adventure to watch my loved ones become beautiful little families. Not to mention, I LOVE shopping for baby presents! 

While I still get sucked into buying some adorable baby gear, I am always trying to make part, if not all, of my gift. I may do a little painting, ink drawing,  incorporating something unique to our relationship, something personal. And, if I am buying, it's usually local and/or handmade. This is my motto for all present buying; support your local potter, jewelry maker, painter, wood worker, photographer, soap makers! You can find all kinds of amazing treasures in your town. There is something special about finding a piece of art that was made locally by the hands of people you are directly connected to. I hope you'll take the challenge and shop locally for your holiday gifts!  
I digress...  ;)  

Here is my latest creation!  

This onesie "Baby Graham" is quirky and fun just like our awesome friends, the Grahams! They are expecting their first little bundle of love and without knowing the baby's gender, I decided to use the last name and cute bear in reference to Teddy Grahams.  

I chose Teddy Grahams to reference because we had teased about their little graham cracker and how cute is a Teddy Graham! ; )

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