Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Our First Visitors!


Last week I missed my blog post because I was very busy spending time with my Mom & Dad! I cannot tell you how many times in the past month any number of people have heard me say, "my parents are coming to Iowa!" I'm sure I've sounded like a broken record! Their visit has been a huge motivator in some of the projects  you've seen me post about, ie. the guest room makeover! 

Well what felt like an eternity finally passed; last Saturday, Zach and I headed for Cedar Rapids to pick up my folks from the airport

On the way, we made a stop at the annual Heritage Days festival.

Our friend Kate was demonstrating her ceramics skills and had a gorgeous display of pottery! (Anyone who knows me, knows I'm obsessed with pottery... it runs in the family!)

After we scooped up my parents from the airport we headed to the store, where they totally spoiled us with our groceries! Then we headed to The Farm. It was so exciting to be with them as they experienced their first drive through the country, from Cedar Rapids to Saint Olaf. Of course the first thing we did was give them a tour of the farmhouse and then as we settled in we decided to grill steaks and unwind over an amazing home cooked meal. 

Everyone was exhausted from the trip so going to bed early wasn't a concern. Up bright and early Sunday, we made it to the historic Norway Church
service before we headed out on the Northeast Iowa Artist Studio Tour.  

The artists' studios that we visited were very inspiring. It was so nice to see where they made their work and feel the creative energy. There were so many studios to tour, it could easily take all three days of the tour to see the majority. Maybe I will make it to more next year, or possibly my studio will be on the tour, we'll see!
We decided to break from the art tour for a delicious lunch, and we really liked Old Armory BBQ in downtown Decorah. I believe each of us had a different "favorite" sauce! Everything tasted freshly made and fabulously flavorful!

on to day 2!

 We had so much fun in McGregor, looking through all of the old shops and then heading over to The Maiden Voyage River Boat Tour. After the Mississippi tour we met Zach in Wisconsin at the Black Angus for an amazing dinner & dessert! Of course we couldn't leave McGregor without a quick trip to Lady Luck! (We didn't lose too much and when we left the casino we saw a man nearly bump another car parking! Hey, that's what bumpers are for, right?)

Thursday we woke up first thing and drove over to Big Spring Fish Hatchery where Gary, and his trusty sidekick Woody, gave us the tour! 

Thursday afternoon, Zach called and we picked him up for a drive to Guttenberg. The view is incredible. 

 I didn't anticipate the goodbye being so hard! 

Looking forward to the holidays


Thanks for checking in! Coming soon: more DIY projects & farmhouse finds!

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