Friday, October 4, 2013

Our King Guest Room: Painted & Pulled Together!

Visitors Welcome!

 For those of  you who missed the before photos:

Wallpaper removal:
This is my most dreaded chore these days! But it makes such a big difference and that's something to :) about!

 * Aaah, such an improvement already. *

         Now that the walls are primed, it's time to paint! 

The old wardrobe/chest we have in this space was in this room to begin with but on another wall. I decided to keep it because I thought it would be perfect for guests. However, you know I decided to paint it! I'll post the finished piece ASAP! may notice our unusual curtain rod?

Well, due to the small space between our new AC/heat unit and the window frame, I didn't think there was room for a center support bracket. I found out we definitely needed a solid curtain rod because the cheap-expandable-curtain-rod (we picked up to hold us over until we found something we loved) caved in the middle from the weight of the curtains. So while I was out at Fisk Farm & Home, picking up a few items for the hubby, I decided to look around for a more sturdy curtain rod. Kyle, a friendly and very helpful associate, was answering my questions as we looked around for my list of items as I explained the dilemma of my flimsy cheap curtain rod. (If only I had kept the original rod when we moved in! Who would've thought this would have been such an ordeal?!) Fortunately, just as I was about to check-out, Kyle had an idea! So we checked out the hardware section and there it was, copper pipe, the perfect solution?! 

I plan to make ornate ends for my new copper curtain rod but for now it is resting on the original brackets.

So there you have it! Our refreshed guest room: painted and pulled together with unique curtain rod, king bed, night stand, & lots of natural light!

COMING SOON... Our vintage wood wardrobe gets a makeover!

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