Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Seven Layer Cookies
(my Paw-Paw's favorite)

My secret to these super-easy & always satisfying treats!

When I found out that we would be having two different companies working on the house today, I decided I better make Grandma Berniece proud and cook up something sweet for our "guests!" Grandma B was known for her hospitality and if you stepped foot on the farm (for any reason, mailman included) you were going to eat something yummy! So my DIY project today was baking!

I knew immediately what I would "throw together," with love of course: Seven Layer Cookies! I'm a decent cook but sweets can be tricky. Lucky for me, and for our guests, even the most beginner baker can make these ooey-gooey Seven Layer Cookies! (Some say, "bars," we say, "cookies"). 

1.Honeymaid Fresh Stacks Graham Crackers 
(I used three of the small individually wrapped packs)

(a couple of tablespoons, melted)

3.Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Chips 
(I used almost a whole bag; a couple of handfuls)

4.Kraft Caramel Bits (large handful)

5.Walnuts (large handful; "chopped"-see my easy to clean up technique)

6.Coconut (large handful.. you get the gist!)

7.Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk (1 can)

I've found it to be pretty true that when cooking savory things you can "wing" some recipes, eyeball some measurements, and the outcome can be phenomenal! However, when BAKING, I've always had to stick strictly with the recipe, precise measurements, no "winging" it, and even then sometimes my masterpiece turns out to be a disaster-piece! Seriously, BAKING is chemistry (eeeek!) 

Well, I've got news for yah: my "go-to" dessert recipe is the Seven Layer Cookie and I eyeballed the whole thing! No precise measuring involved! In fact, you can choose different layers to your liking and I'm sure it will come out fantastic.

The Process:

Mom always makes these cookies at Christmas; however, she uses butterscotch where I used caramel bits.

What would you use in your Seven Layer Cookies?

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