Friday, November 8, 2013

A Deer Photo-shoot

a deer (photo) shoot


I've grown up in a family that hunts, I've had venison stew, and I've even put the Santa hat on the deer in my parents' basement. However, I'll never forget the time I peeped through the garage door window, on my tiptoes, and witnessed one of these creatures being "cleaned."  I was forever scarred. 

The deer I shot in these photos was not harmed.

Looking out of the window and seeing this beautiful deer grazing in the golden sun, my first thought was, "Wow, what a majestic creature." My second thought, "Where's my camera?" That's probably not the majority sentiment.

I know that any meat or animal by-product that we consume comes from a living breathing being; however, that is something I've always kept in the depths of my unconscious. Since we've moved out to rural Iowa, the ability to keep these thoughts buried is proving impossible.  

Just the other day, I cracked open a fresh organic egg from my neighbors. I know exactly where that egg came from. It is comforting to know but sort of crazy at the same time!  I'm becoming more aware of what I'm eating and the whole "farm-to-table" way of life. I've always liked the idea of "farm fresh" and "farm-to-table."  It was a little different when "farm-to-table" was just a phrase I saw on the menu at a trendy restaurant. Now we are surrounded by the farms. We are sharing the land and environment with these animals, produce, and farmers, and it's an awakening experience. 

I look forward to learning more about what I eat and how it is cared for and grown. While I won't be doing any hunting, killing, or cleaning myself, I do plan to have my first garden in the spring! I enjoy eating meat but the only thing I'll be hunting with is my camera. Sometimes a little ignorance is bliss.

♥I shot this deer with my Nikon. ♥


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