Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A snow day in Saint Olaf

 Thankful for the Seasons

There's not much I love more than waking up to a wintery white blanket stretched across the yard and dusted through the trees. I love snow days. Our new Iowa friends think it's a little funny that I am so excited about winter and snow season. They assure me that I'll be sick of it before long. For now, I'll just remain in awe of its beauty and thankful I can stay inside during these chilly days. 

While I plan to stay inside during many of the snow days, I look forward to building a few snowmen, skiing, and exploring the snow covered scenery.

Born and raised in beautiful NC, I did not have any snow driving experiences. If it did snow, even a tiny bit, we were not allowed to drive. I know my parents were looking out for their babies and their vehicles. Now that we've moved to a snowy region of the country, I am mentally preparing myself for snowy adventures.  

I haven't had to drive in the snow yet. So yesterday when we woke up to a lightly snow covered yard, I wondered if we would still run our errands. Silly me, our Midwest Mom's in town! So for now, I have a "snow driver!" That's what I'll call someone who can drive in snow.

Mom drove me all over and even through a few winding, snow-covered, county roads. To say the least, I was impressed!

In between errands, we stopped to enjoy the breathtaking views and make a few photographs.

Did I mention... one of our errands was ordering a pair of studded snow tires for my Hyundai? I guess I'll be learning to drive in the snow

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