Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Birthday Weekend in Des Moines!

My first birthday in Iowa!

After an awesome Halloween evening in Elkader, Zach and I packed up and headed to Des Moines to meet up with some dear friends last Friday. We chose Des Moines for our little getaway because it is exactly halfway between the farm and our friends in Kansas City.

Today's post is a little taste of all the wonderful things we did (ate), and places we went (to eat) in the big city!

We had awesome hotel rooms on the 4th floor and each room had 2 bathrooms! Yes, you read that right... two bathrooms in each room. In 1900, before the hotel was renovated, there had been community hall baths. So to provide extra luxury, they renovated each room to have not one, but TWO bathrooms for guests. We thought that was an excellent idea! :)  Our rooms were large, clean, and super comfortable. Of course, we had to stay on the same floor so we could bounce back and forth between rooms. 

Our first night on the town we ran out of the room without the camera! We started off at Court Ave. Brewing Co. for a wonderful dinner. I had the most tender duck with sweet potato bacon hash, asparagus, and their nightly drink special, the Moscow Mule! This was the place I chose for my birthday dinner because Zach and I ate there for our anniversary this year and loved it. So, the first place we recommend for an excellent dinner: CABCO (Court Ave Brewing Co.) 

We then wandered into Legends and were pleasantly surprised to find $3.50 LIT's; if you don't know what an LIT is, then you probably don't want to order one.. they were delicious and stout! Our bartender was super-friendly and didn't kick us out even though we were probably a little loud for the dinner crowd (us old folks go out early!) When we wrapped up at Legends, the girls were ready for a little dancing and the boys were happy to follow along even though they "don't dance." So, up the stairs to JOKERS we went. Being the first people in the club has its perks: VIP seating and constant service (2 for 1 Vodka Redbulls.. did they know it was my birthday?!). We stayed until the kids started filling up and headed back to the hotel right as the club was getting "popping!" :)  So... as you can guess, it's probably a good thing we didn't take photos that first night! 

Saturday in Des Moines: after an awesome breakfast at Perkins, we spent the day hanging out, walking around town, and of course touring more food and beverage establishments...

While our men went to watch the Hawkeyes back at Legends, we decided to go find Fong's Pizza. It had been highly recommended and didn't let us down! 

The guys couldn't believe we were already eating again; what can we say, it was a weekend full of gluttony & giggles! We did save them a couple slices! 

We did a lot of walking downtown and even decided to walk to Zombie Burger from the hotel Saturday evening. There can be such beauty in the small ordinary things we walk by every day. Luckily, I took along my camera that evening! 

When we finally made it to Zombie Burger, we were told the wait was 90 minutes! Don't worry though, they take your cell number and text you when your table is ready. You then have 10 minutes to get back to the restaurant. In the meantime, we decided to walk down a block to explore an interesting little antique store and afterward stumbled across an unsuspecting-yet-amazing martini bar, the Lime Lounge

At the Lime Lounge, our martinis were unbelievable! The outside of this awesome bar looks more like a doctor's office than a bar or nightclub; however, these were the best martinis my husband and I've ever had! It's like they say, "It's what's on the inside that counts!"  I had the pumpkin pie martini and he had a keylime martini. They were absolutely amazing, even if they were "dessert" drinks. If you're eating at Zombie Burger, you won't have room for dessert after you eat anyway!

AND FINALLY... Zombie Burger.
... did I mention all we did this trip was eat, drink & be merry?

It was a good thing we walked everywhere; I needed all of the exercise after this delicious vacation!
We had a truly amazing weekend 
with good food, yummy spirits, and great friends.
♥Cheers until the next trip! ♥

Anyone want to join us next time?
What are your favorite places to eat in Des Moines?
Do you have your own best martini recipe  

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