Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

 Our First Thanksgiving at the Farm

Hosting my first Thanksgiving dinner was a holiday I'll never forget. It was our first holiday living at Wold Farm, my first holiday in Iowa, and the first family gathering at the farm in many many years.  

 Leslie and Jamie, I love my H-apron and the fun wedding shower memories I associate with it!

 Fortunately, our Mom came to town a week early 
to help us plan, shop, and prepare!

It was wonderful to share Thanksgiving with Grandpa Wold, Grandma Herrmann, Aunt Bernita, Douglas, Aunt Linda & Thad, and of course Mom and Dad.

After dinner and dessert, Gramps wanted to take his familiar walk to the corner. Zach bundled up and went along with him.

I'm thankful for every day and for all of my blessings:  
family, friends, health, love & happiness.    

Do you have a traditional Thanksgiving meal? 
What's your favorite side dish?

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