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A Merry White Christmas: DIY Garland and Wreath

A Merry White Christmas:

DIY Garland and Wreath


When we moved to Iowa, we loaded up a 26 foot truck from top to bottom, front to back, and without one inch to spare. Somehow, our Christmas decorations did not make it onto this truck. I suppose our cherished Christmas decorations were not high priority in July! 

With all of our precious ornaments safely tucked away in NC, I figured this would be a good year to try a themed Christmas. With our new snowy scenery, "A Merry White Christmas" came naturally!

To make our home festive, without breaking the bank and buying all new, I made some of our decorations!
Our decorating-extraordinaire-mom was visiting for a few weeks and she helped me come up with some great ideas! We found several storefronts decorated with white trees this year and they looked so fluffy and fun. So, we kept our eyes out for a white Christmas tree. I purchased this prelit-6ft-white Christmas tree for only thirty-nine dollars, it goes perfect with our theme!
I was so eager to start decorating, but per Mom's wishes waited until the day after Thanksgiving. :)  

She had the best idea when we set up the tree; we loosely wrapped, and filled-in, the tree with white tulle! Even without ornaments, it looks simply glamorous! 

(Okay, I do have two ornaments on our tree... Our Great-Aunt Bernita gave us an adorable white-themed owl ornament when she was here for Thanksgiving, and I have a little stuffed mouse named Norman.)

 Enough about the tree... on to the DIY Garland and Wreath!

Using shades of pink and champagne ribbon
I made wreaths like this one for my wedding day.  
♥ August 20th 2011♥

This wreath was a quicker project than my wedding wreaths. I think using more fabric and less ribbon helped fill-up the wreath faster.

Tie a loop at the end of the twine.
This makes it ready to hang when you are ready to decorate. 

As you can see, I used my foot and the banister to hold the twine taut while making my garland. (It felt like a yoga move! You may choose to secure yours to a chair or other stationary object.)

Lights are not necessary 
but they do add sparkle...

  So,I wrapped a strand of white Christmas lights(white-corded)around my garland. 
On my wreath, I used battery operated  
mini lights. 

 Since my DIY Wreath and Garland are white and shimmery, I should call them special occasion decorations rather than Christmas decorations.  I look forward to using them for all sorts of events and holidays. 

Happy Decorating!

I love warm white Christmas lights.
  Do you prefer vintage colored lights or white lights?
...What about LEDs?!  
  Do you change your Christmas theme each year?

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