Monday, December 16, 2013

Our Yoga Christmas Cookie Exchange: I learn something new every day!

Our Yoga Christmas Cookie Exchange:
I learn something new every day! 

A few weeks ago, I began attending a yoga class in Elkader, IA. It's been quite an experience!

I'll admit, I started going to yoga in the hopes of meeting a few people in our new town. Not only did I meet a great group of people, but I also found a new love for yoga! It helps that our instructor is great and easy to follow along (I'm definitely a beginner)!  

With Christmas approaching, the yoga folks began talk of the annual Yoga Christmas Cookie Exchange. Sounded delicious to me! The date was set and I wanted to come up with something artistic and easy. ;) I did not want to screw up at my first cookie exchange!

When working on my new lovebird art series, I came up with the idea to make little yoga bird Christmas cards and birdnests for my cookie exchange. I knew birdnests would be easy and cute. 

I prepared my cookies, bagged and tagged them with my little yoga birds, and placed them in a pretty bowl on the center of the table. Due to snow and a steep drive at my neighbors', where the cookie party was supposed to take place, I offered to have the party at our house! Luckily, Natalia had all of the food under control and I just needed to do a little quick cleaning. 

As Natalia and I finished setting up for the party with our Christmas cookies on the table, I noticed she sure had baked a lot of cookies! (I figured she was bringing extra because she was the instructor?) In comes the first guest and she carried in a grocery bag FILLED with plates of cookies. I took the bag and placed the cookies out on the table... you can't even begin to imagine the shock on my face! 

I had prepared what I thought was a few extra cookies for our 10-15 person party... I had no idea that at a cookie exchange, you make a dozen cookies per person attending!!

So as people poured in and our dining room table filled with beautiful cookies, I laughed and promptly served my perfect peppermint cream cocktails! 

There could be a few different morals to this story, but I like to think that even if you screw up and make an honest mistake, if you've put forth obvious effort, and you're hanging with a great group of people... you can still have the merriest of evenings! 


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