Friday, January 31, 2014

After a-Month-Long NC/SC/FL/VA Adventure... I'm Back!

♥ North Carolina 

South Carolina Florida Virginia  

After an amazing adventure(s)... I'm Back! 


I apologize that I am just now getting back to the blog! So let me catch you guys up... Zach and I drove home for the holidays Friday December 20th, a day earlier than we planned due to weather concerns. We took two days to make the drive home to NC. (NC will always be home♥)

Our first night in NC we had a big welcome home dinner with our parents and my brother and his family. Knowing we would wake up early for Christmas with my Mom's side of the family in Pageland, SC, we all went to bed early. We woke up  and helped my niece wrap presents for her cousins... she was so excited to give presents. 

Then we loaded-up the gifts and got back in the car for a couple more hours of riding time. Christmas with my Mom's side is always so fun, full of love, laughter, awesome food, and tons of relatives! 

 four generations

 (the Kids always exchange presents at Great Grandma and Grandpa's)

After Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa's, Zach and I rode back to Thomasville with Mom and Dad. We spent the next couple of days hanging out with our parents (and puppies) and taking it easy

I loved hanging out with "my" puppies, how I've missed them!

Yes, you're seeing that correctly...
these aren't your everyday eggs. My dad's hobby is raising quail these days. 

What you see are adorable little quail eggs, delicious too.  
I think I'll do a blog post on pops and his birdies one day soon!  

One of my favorite traditions at Christmas time is the Christmas Eve eleven o'clock service. This year my mom, Zach, and I went to the Christmas Eve service at Grace Lutheran Church; where Zach's mom plays the organ. 


Christmas morning we got up and loaded the car for another adventure, this time to Swansboro, NC. There is nothing like watching the joy of a two-year-old unwrap presents.  

We had the most delicious Christmas dinner at my brother's in-laws. They are always so welcoming and they're amazing cooks! Nick and I are truly blessed with awesome in-laws. ♥

 The Whole Crew

Zach and I stayed in Swansboro for a few days before we packed up and got back in the car to drive to Florida! Yes, we spent some serious time in the Mercury over the holidays! 

Our annual Florida trip with the Herrmanns and the Musselmans is always entertaining. Our first day in Florida we not only slept in a little bit, we got to eat a buffet breakfast, took a quick trip to the casino, decided to fly through Busch Gardens with the Quick Queue, met the rest of the gang for dinner at Manny's Original Chop House, and went for a swim with an Amaretto night cap! And that was just the first day! The rest of our time in FL involved lots of good food, too much good food, and shopping. 

Time to crawl back in the car for the ride back to NC. 

Our first day back we were able to see a couple of family friends and one adorable "nephew"!

Zach stayed a few days longer than planned due to the record low temperatures in the Midwest. We didn't want him to drive in dangerous conditions. He waited so he would miss out on the -48ยบ windchill! Zach hit the road for Iowa and I prepared myself for a few weeks without my hubby. 

While I thought I was just suffering from "Husband Withdrawal"... I actually came down with the flu. I slept the majority of two weeks and spent time with my mom recovering. I felt so blessed to be able to sleep and rest it off while mom took care of me. Aren't moms the best?! We played tons of Boggle and a few games of Scrabble (I even won a couple!), we ate marshmallows roasted over the fire, enjoyed lots of quality time, and I even worked on some Art-O-Mat blocks!

Feeling much better my last week in town, I got to spend time with a few dear family members and a couple of my best friends. I was so happy that I got to drive up to Virginia to spend some time with the Cully's. I love them so much and I'm so excited that they are expecting their first baby girl any day now! Photos of this beautiful family and their adorable nursery coming to the blog soon! 

With just a couple of days left in NC, I managed to do laundry, have family time, even enjoy a little snowfall before it was time to fly back to the Farm. 

Long story short... my month has consisted of: friends, laughter, family, food, flu, art, roads, my sweet sister, Scrabble, Boggle, presents, loss, prayer, joy, snow, sleep and love. 

So thankful for all of my many blessings and for the time I had home

After 5 weeks and 6 days away from my new home, I sure am excited to be back in Saint Olaf!

coming soon:
Southern Girl Style & Big City Charm:
a little sparkle & a lot of
LOVE went into this gorgeous nursery!




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