Sunday, February 9, 2014

Floor-to-Ceiling: Customized Curtains for a Stylish Statement!

Customized Curtains for a Stylish Statement!

When our Mom came to visit for Thanksgiving, she helped us with much more than cooking our beautiful holiday dinner. One of the bigger projects we took on while she was in town was altering our curtains. I'd say she turned our simple curtains into dramatic floor-to-ceiling drapes! 

(Forgive the Christmas tree, I've been meaning to post about our updated curtains since before the holidays!)

The first thing we did was hang our new curtain rod all the way up to the ceiling, and hung our curtains. They looked pretty dorky hanging all the way to the ceiling and two feet from the floor! We needed additional fabric. Would you believe I had brought the perfect fabric when we moved? My original intention was to recover our dining room chairs. Luckily, I hadn't gotten to the dining room chairs before Mom came to visit. So with the perfect color, texture, and amount of fabric, we figure it was meant to be. 

We pulled out the ironing board and planned how we would attach this fabric to our already hanging curtains. We decided to forgo searching through the garage and storage building for the old fashioned sewing machine we knew was somewhere to be found. Instead, we opted for a drive to Wal-Mart in search of HeatnBond, a material that would allow us to iron on the additional fabric.   

The next day, with all of our materials in hand, we began our project. We had to measure, cut, pin, and iron for hours. I say we (because I did help) but Mom pretty much did all of the work. With no fabric to spare, I was a little worried I'd mess something up. 

After a long rainy day, we finished our curtain project and it looked fantastic!

*note* We decided it would have been quicker and probably easier to look for one of the sewing machines and sew the additional fabric rather than use the HeatnBond. Oh well, lesson learned!  I will say, the HeatnBond did work and as of today, the curtains are still hanging beautifully together.

After this project, I want to learn to sew!

Thanks, Mom!


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