Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Handmade Cards♥ customizable, creative, & cute!

Handmade Cards:
customizable, creative, & cute!

I made this birthday card on the computer using Photoshop. There are other programs you could use. Even older programs, like MS Paint, have text and drawing options.  I used the word effervescent and its definition because I feel it is a happy celebratory word, which paints a youthful fun link between my friend's birthday and her vivacious personality. I also liked it because it's not a word that comes up in everyday conversation. With my friend's recent engagement, I am sure this birthday and year will be filled with celebrations and effervescent cocktails!

For the most part, I try to make cards for special occasions. I love that they are personal, one of a kind, and can be an inexpensive way to share a heartfelt memento. Not to mention, it's an awesome way to make you feel like a kid again (depending on your card's subject matter and content of course)!

I know what some of you are thinking... 
1. I am not creative, 
2. I don't have a crafty bone in my body, or 
3. I don't have the extra time to make a handmade card.   

My argument... 
1. That's what Pinterest is for! 
Grab ideas from the internet in a second and pick something that strikes you 
for the particular occasion or person.

 2. It doesn't have to be frilly, embrace simplicity and imperfections! 
It's okay if it looks handmade, in fact, you want it to! 

3. It can take 5 minutes or less to create your handmade card, less time than a trip to the store! Which is also much less time than it takes me to scan through and read all of the cards at the store. 

(I can get stuck in the card aisle at the store forever! Ask anyone who's been with me!) So the truth is out, I make my cards because it takes less time for me to make one than buy one! ;)

There are plenty of ways you can customize a handmade card to fit your own friends and family. I hope you'll take the challenge and have a little fun with your next birthday, anniversary, or congratulatory greeting! 

simple can be so sweet...


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