Saturday, February 15, 2014

My handmade metallic masterpiece! A pendant light that I made from wire cloth, coffee filters, and a pendant conversion kit from Menards...

My handmade metallic masterpiece!  
A pendant light that I made from wire cloth, coffee filters, and a 
pendant conversion kit from Menards...

After searching and searching for a stylish light fixture, I realized that my taste was quite expensive. In fact, most all light fixtures are expensive. However, as I was looking for ideas, I came across several people on Pinterest and Etsy who made their own light fixtures. So, with a small budget and plenty of time on my hands, I figured making my own would be the best option. 

I knew I wanted to make something modern and elegant that would still fit in our 100-year-old farmhouse. I also wanted to use materials that are easy to come by and inexpensive. l love the simple lines of pendant lights and lamp shades and decided I could probably create that shape from wire cloth, which happens to be readily available in our small farm town. In my research, I discovered several people online who used coffee filters for lampshades and projects. I even found one artist who sells her beautiful coffee filter lampshades out of NY, she's amazing. After making my own knock off version of her coffee filter art, I definitely feel she deserves every penny for the time it takes to make one!

While this project was quite time consuming, I sure do love my new light fixture! 

A Quick Look at the Supplies and Steps:

After painting, drying, and cutting my coffee filters, it was time to shape my wire cloth and begin the weaving process. I mixed the golden and silver slivers in no particular pattern and with steady hands weaved them into the wire cloth. Next, I had to decide how to finish the edges. I ended up folding the edges under and sealing the shade with Mod Podge. The next piece to the puzzle, how was I supposed to attach the shade to my pendant kit? I decided to attach it with wire. Lastly, my handy husband helped me hang and install our new light fixture!

The finishing touch..

You've seen me use these vintage blubs before when I posted one of my first DIY farmhouse projects, Lamp Love!

And there you have it! 
My metallic handmade masterpiece. 

I love the warm glow of the vintage bulb through the shimmery shade.  

Now, if I could just do something about those popcorn walls and ceiling! ;)



  1. You made such a beautiful piece! And I agree -- this pendant light you created made the landing area look warm and comfy. And the light it gives off isn’t hurtful to the eyes. Good job!

    Eleanor Roy @ Douthit Electrical

    1. Thanks, Eleanor! It was a time consuming project but totally worth it! :) Thank you for the sweet comment!