Friday, February 7, 2014

Snow White and the Seven Deer: fluffy, playful, hungry, happy, bashful, brave & sleepy ♥

Snow White and the Seven Deer:
 fluffy, playful, hungry, happy, bashful, brave & sleepy

Yesterday I moseyed downstairs to make my coffee, contemplate this week's blog posts, prepare to tackle all of the chores before me, and breathe in the quiet. While my coffee dripped, I was pleasantly surprised to glance out of the kitchen window and view a big fluffy beautiful deer grazing only feet away. 

This deer was the fluffiest I've seen and it was magical to see it so close. I could almost feel it's thick fur with my eyes. After I soaked in this moment, I glanced past this pretty babe and there were all of his friends! 

Or were there more friends to come!?

I moved around the house watching my deer friends from different vantage points for quite some time. I kept expecting them to run off in between my breaks to go do chores and work on my blog. 

To my surprise, each time I returned to the window there they were, playfully grazing.

 A couple of deer played hide-and-seek in the backyard. Another big adventurous deer played across the road in the woods with his new hen friend. Do you see the hen following him around? I call this a "he deer" because he was big, brave, and ventured out on his own. It very well could have been a "she" deer. (I'm still learning folks!) 

I left the window to work around the house. I couldn't sit in front of the window all day, or could I?

 When I walked back through the living room an hour or so later, I was in shock. The deer friends were still there and they were doing something I've never seen them do! They actually laid down for a rest, even the bashful deer got comfy and took a snooze. Breathtaking...

There was something so incredibly surreal about my day with these deer. It was as if they knew I was beginning to catch cabin fever. So, they came out of their wooded home to spend the day with me. They reminded me to take a break and soak in the natural quiet beauty all around me. 

The itchy lonely feeling of cabin fever melted away as I became comforted, surrounded by peace and beauty in our quiet farmhouse.

We are used to seeing deer come through but usually only at dawn and dusk. They generally stay for an hour or so and head back into the timber. We haven't seen much of them since hunting season. They not only showed up in the mid morning but stayed with me all day into the evening, until Zach was pulling in the driveway. Yesterday was special, a blessing.


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