Saturday, February 1, 2014

Southern Girl Style with Big City Charm: a little sparkle and a lot of love went into this gorgeous nursery.

Southern Girl Style & Big City Charm: 
a little sparkle and a lot of love went into this gorgeous nursery.


I'm at the time in my life where many of my friends are getting engaged, married, and even starting to have babies! Watching some of my closest friends navigate through these phases of their lives has been one of the highlights of mine. Seeing the joy and glow radiate from my sweet Heather as she tidies up her baby girl's nursery melts my heart. 

I can't help but think back to when Heather and I met and how it was like love at first sight!She found me online when she was searching for housing for her one semester at UNC-Chapel Hill.  I'll never forget the day she drove up from Alabama to meet me and see if I was someone she could stand living with! I greeted her with a dirty martini and showed her around our three bedroom townhome. She hated the dirty martini, but we quickly bonded nonetheless and had one of the best semesters ever. When she studied abroad in Germany the next semester, I used my spring break to travel across the ocean for a free travel guide to the world of bratwurst, beer, and schnitzel. Over the years, though we've lived in different states, we've been able to keep up on the phone, email, girls’ weekend trips, and now with Skype and Facetime! Heather is one of those friends who makes the effort to keep in touch. If I had to describe her in a few short words: thoughtful, motivated, well-organized, and loyal. She is definitely a planner and always has been. When she planned to deploy to Iraq a few years ago, I was NOT in favor of the trip. I was so worried while she was gone, but six months went by and she came home with her future husband! Did she plan that? Probably. :) The first time I got to meet her new guy, I was in awe. I could not believe that she went to Iraq, found the man of her dreams in a warzone, and brought him back to DC. Wow… this girl is amazing and can really do anything! Nate is absolutely charming, funny, and couldn't be more perfect for my Heather. They had the most beautiful wedding in the North Carolina mountains and you can bet that Heather thought of every little detail.  Last summer before we moved to Iowa, we had one last couples’ trip before the move: a July 4th camping trip that included gourmet food, a little rain, a big bear (yes, I said BEAR), a lovely lake, and a baby on the way! I was so happy to be able to see Heather during her early stages of pregnancy, especially since I was about to move so far away.  

You can imagine my delight when I got to travel to my dear friends' new home last weekend and see Heather in the final stages of pregnancy. I got to see their beautiful new home and all of the little details she worked into the nursery. All I knew in advance was that she was going to use bright colors like hot pink for accents. So when I decided to make a piece of art for the nursery, I really was going on intuition. 

I love the gray two-toned walls, the sleek modern crib, the polk-a-dotted crib sheet and strawberry pillow, the natural wood changing table, the wooden wall clock and decorative sign, the bright pops of color and shimmery lamp shade...

wow, what an incredibly charming, cozy, and serene nursery! 

Knowing how much we love sparkly things, I embellished my brightly colored joyful painting with lots of gold glitter. I knew she was either going to love the sparkle or think it's a little over the top! Fortunately, as Heather gave me the nursery tour first thing when I arrived, she pointed out how much she just loved the sign she bought that read "She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes." Then she proceeded to inform me that the only thing she needed was a little more gold in the room. Boy was she in shock when she unwrapped my sparkly gold joyful birdie artwork! I couldn't believe how perfectly it fit the nursery theme! Great minds must think alike!

 Heather and Nate, I just want to thank you for being amazing friends, always so thoughtful, generous, and compassionate. We couldn't be happier for you guys and the beautiful life ahead of you. Thank you for opening your arms to me and letting me share in this special time as you prepare for the arrival of your very own baby girl. You are already wonderful parents and I cannot wait to watch you in action over the years to come. 


  1. I may need her to come decorate my baby nursery one day! Thanks for commenting! ♥