Friday, March 21, 2014

Miss Lily!

 Sweet Lily Primm
   her first week home:

so adorable, cuddly, & silky soft...

She's grown to a whopping six pounds of total precious! 

With ten tiny perfect toes...
chubby cheeks and a scrumptious nose!

We couldn't be happier for our friends and their sweet baby girl. It's hard to imagine that she was nearly two months old when we made these photographs. Lily was a few months early and only weighed 2 lbs 11 ounces at birth. You'd never know it now!

I'm so happy Lily is growing healthy and strong. She got to come home from the hospital the week Zach and I were in NC! I loved photographing her baby belly, her tiny fingers and toes. Watching Lily interact with her mommy melted my heart. I can't imagine how hard it was those first few weeks and months, but I do know Lily's a tough cookie, and she has a huge support network and two amazing parents. She's one lucky kid because she's got really cool parents! I cannot wait to watch Lily grow over the years, to take her first steps, and develop her taste in music, fashion and video games.  

Thanks for asking me to take Lily's newborn photos. Thanks for sharing your little munchkin, those precious moments, and your afternoon with me. I'll always cherish our first-week-home photo session, poo and all! 

aunt Jilly

...a few more because I just can't get enough!!

coming soon:
A look at our 
Laundry Room 

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