Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday in Saint Olaf: a commissioned painting sent me out in search of a particular cow...

This week I was contacted to create a commissioned painting... a brown cow with a white tuft of hair on her head. While I already had several photos of Red Angus cows from my visit to our neighbors at Forest Hill Farm, those cows are all solid in color. Lucky for me, we're surrounded by farms! I drive past a Holstein farm every time I leave our house. This morning at church, our neighbors told me I should stop into that Holstein farm and meet our other neighbors. Surely they'd let me photograph their beautiful Holstein cows, right?  

So this afternoon I got my camera and headed out to meet our neighbors at KRF Holsteins & BJ's Ayrshires...

Glenda and Keith were right. They welcomed me with open arms and a pair of boots!

After I met our new neighbors, Bryon took me out to the pasture to meet their "pet" cows. The cows were even more beautiful up close and personal. I was amazed at how friendly and curious they were. As the cows became more comfortable with me, they followed us through the pasture. A few even urged me to pet them.  Although they are gentle giants, there were a couple of moments I felt uneasy. I can't say I was 100 percent brave; I'm still working on this "farm girl" thing. :)

There were more than a few models in the herd...

After a nice visit in the pasture, I felt a single raindrop nudge me to wrap up my photo shoot. Bryon and I headed back to my car. He was surprised to see that "my" cat was perched in the back window. 

I was surprised too, since I don't have a cat! We laughed when we realized one of their kitties had jumped into my car through the window and made itself comfy. She was so cute, I almost came home with a new pet!

What an awesome day! 

To the Franks, thanks so much for opening your door to me this afternoon. It was so great to meet you all. Rachel, thank you for loaning me your totally awesome boots... I have to get a pair like them! Bryon, I can't thank you enough for taking the time to show me around. It was such a treat to be formally introduced to the herd. It will take some time to learn all of their names so I hope I get to visit them again soon! 


coming soon: New paintings and our laundry room renovations

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