Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I love being on the water!

If you know me, you know I am obsessed with water. I've always wanted to live on the water, by the river or the ocean. Lucky for me, the farm is just minutes from the Turkey River! In fact, our first trip to Iowa, Zach and I had an unexpected three-hour trip down this beautiful river. We had originally planned for a short trip from Ten Mile Bridge to the trout hatchery; we didn't know that we actually put in at Frieden Park, barely across the river from the hatchery, and so we ended up canoeing all the way into town looking for the hatchery. We managed to jump out just before the dam, although Zach lost both of his shoes when he slipped into quicksand! I remember that walk from the river to the apartment his grandma rented on Rainbow Drive. Boy was she surprised to see us at her door, muddy, laughing and barefoot.

This spring we were surprised by Dad H with an awesome two-seater kayak/canoe hybrid. Zach and Dave took her out for her maiden voyage over the July 4th holiday weekend, and I got to take my first trip on Sunday! This trip on the Turkey River was over three hours, but we planned for it this time! We packed a picnic, water bottles, bug spray, and sunscreen (all things we could have used on that first Turkey River voyage)!

Wow... after a long month of kitchen reno and other projects, a day on the river was just what I needed. I had been craving time on the water and longed to get out of the boat and into the river. It was a nice and breezy Sunday so I didn't get all the way in, but it sure felt nice to get my feet wet!

I cannot wait to get back on the water again. There's nothing like relaxing on the river! 


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