Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Our First Garden: UPDATE!

In the beginning, I was skeptical that anything would actually grow in our garden. We didn't use any fertilizer or pesticides, and we had never used a tiller. Not to mention, I'd never planted anything from seeds before. We literally didn't know anything about gardening, but by some miracle, we've pulled it off and plants are popping up! 

 I never knew how exciting our first garden would be! 

It looks like we will have quite the squash harvest, some corn (if the deer don't eat it all), watermelon, lettuce, beans, tomatoes, cabbage, and volunteer dill! I've seen no signs of the peppers or carrots that we planted, but I am amazed at all of the things that have grown up among the weeds! (I'd like to think you are a true green-thumb if you can grow weeds with your veggies. Maybe the weeds will keep the deer out?) Hopefully, I'll be able to control the weeds better with our next garden. :) 

This has truly been happy gardening!

found gardening:

"Lettuce" hope he doesn't eat too much! 

What will you be harvesting this year?
Should I be worried about this worm/caterpillar thingy?
I know my lettuce is a little reddish but it tastes good!

Coming Soon:
Momma D doesn't like Weeds
Kitchen + Paint = Awesome!
Laundry Bath Reno

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