Monday, September 8, 2014

Our His and Hers Anniversary Getaway!

A few weeks ago, Zach and I headed to Chicago for a weekend filled with big-city adventure, deep-dish pizza, baseball, art, and anniversary celebrations! 
It was awesome to spend time in the Museum of Contemporary Art. Seeing works by Nan Goldin, Frida Kahlo, Cindy Sherman, and Felix Gonzales-Torres left me with a feeling of awe. There is something so moving about standing in front of a piece of art that you've known for years... to see it in person feels like a moment with the artist.  

It was a beautiful weekend to walk around the city and enjoy the hustle and bustle, people watch, and take photographs. We even got to watch the Navy Air Show! 

We had a wonderful weekend, but there's no place like home! 
When we hit the country landscape, I think Zach and I shared a little sigh of relief! Zach had to make a pit-stop on the way home to play some video games at a classic arcade.  

We had a fantastic getaway to Chicago to celebrate our third wedding anniversary! I called it a "his and hers" getaway because we got to see Zach's Blue Jays play ball and we got to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art. Zach has always been a big supporter of my love of art and I have enjoyed watching his eyes light up over ballgames and pinball. While we have different interests, we've had fun sharing them with each other.

Life lesson & wish for you readers out there...
When you unexpectedly jump off of a bus into wet concrete, I hope you too find the humor and opportunity in your messy misfortune!


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