Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My first meeting with the Clayton County Artists

Today's Drawings

I was so motivated after our meeting that when I got home 
I decided to draw my favorite apple tree...
 the one Zach's grandparents planted on the hill at Wold Farm. 

Today was my first meeting as an official member of the Clayton County Artists group. I state "as an official member" because my first trip to Iowa (six years ago), I attended a meeting with Zach's Grandma Ethelyn. I wouldn't have imagined then that I'd someday get the chance to be an official member of the group myself! This morning, I gathered my drawing supplies and headed out to Volga, Iowa. I wasn't exactly sure where I was going or who I'd get to meet, but I was excited! 

After driving through the beautiful landscape, I arrived at Rosalyn's gorgeous white farmhouse. Some of the other artists were just arriving, too. We were welcomed into the home, where we shared meeting details, exhibition opportunities, and got to know each other. Then we ventured out and about to draw from life. I chose a spot next to the lush pasture and by a shade tree. I thought the fencing and over-hanging tree limbs made for an interesting composition. In fact, I could have chosen any spot at Rosalyn's farm to focus on and it would have been an interesting and beautiful vantage point. You can soak in a spectacular view from every window in her home.

After time in the field, we headed inside to eat lunch. Rosalyn provided the most yummy ice cream sundaes for dessert, literally the cherry on top!

I enjoyed the conversations around the dining room table, sharing stories, making art, and connecting with this group of amazing women. I'm already looking forward to next month's meeting and the memories we'll make in the months and years to come. 

I'll admit being at the meeting was a tad bittersweet without Ethelyn. When we wrapped up, I headed over to visit with her at the Care Center. I sure wish she was still able to attend the meetings. We had a nice visit and even did some painting of our own; I painted our nails while we talked. Whether or not she remembers, it was awesome to share those moments together. 

In this age of technology and social media, it is so nice to spend time with people face to face. I really appreciate each of my daily life encounters and the interactions and relationships being formed. I'm grateful for the moments given to us on this earth and I'll sleep better tonight having connected with so many beautiful, witty, fun, and creative souls today. 


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