Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Our Laundry-Bath Reno!! :) Finally...

After a year in the making, I can finally post our laundry-bath-renovations! 

When Zach and I moved to the farm last August, I made sure we took photos of each room to document the inevitable changes. As you can see in this "before" photo, some of the wallpaper had already been removed when we moved in— thanks Marty Musselman! :) Our friend Marty had been to the farm with Mom earlier in the year and she was dying to start this project for us! 

When we first moved in, Mom stayed for several weeks to help us get situated and to help go through all of the things in the farmhouse she grew up in. One of the projects we decided to tackle first was the laundry room. We didn't have any renovation experience and thought this room looked like a simple paint job to get us started...

So as you can guess, this simple paint job turned into quite the ordeal! When we continued the wallpaper removal, we noticed the exterior wall had some water damage. We were no experts so we called our handy and amazing neighbor to come look and give us his opinion. When it was decided that we would need to replace the wall and insulation, we thought it would make sense to check the plumbing while the walls were open and install a shower. We were also informed that the dropped ceiling could be removed and raised to its former glory...

Zach had to scrape a ridiculous amount of glue off of the original hardwoods with a razor blade before he was able to sand them down. During the whole renovation process I was starting to wonder if it was all worth it!

The walls went up, the shower was installed, and the floors were sanded— 
things were beginning to come together! 

We did run into one hiccup with the shower. We didn't pay any attention to which side the seat was on when we bought it. When the plumbers were here to install it, we realized that the seat would have been under the spigot. So Zach and I made a trip to return the first shower and purchased one with a seat on the right. And yes, returning a shower is as much of a hassle as it sounds!

Next, we primed and painted the walls. Fresh paint makes all the difference in the world. We also painted the trim and hung our light fixtures, where we ran into another problem. I had unknowingly chosen a light fixture that had a plug rather than hard-wired for ceiling installation. After monkeying around with the fixture for quite a while, Zach was able to make it work. I was pretty relieved since I bought the fixture when I was visiting in North Carolina and wasn't going to be returning it!
At least the trim was an easy paint job! We went with a semi-gloss white trim. I actually loved the clean fresh look of the sheetrock and wanted to paint the walls a very light gray because of it. I found this super light gray at Elkader Carpet and Design and knew it would be perfect. I also loved that the color was called "Doves Wing" which sealed the deal! (Michie, I thought it was funny when you said the same thing today at the shop!)

And finally...our freshly renovated laundry-bathroom:

By the end, we removed wallpaper, removed carpet and two dropped ceilings, had new walls framed in and new insulation installed, dry wall, paint and primed, new toilet and bathroom vanity, removed layers upon layers of glue so that we could refinish the original hardwood floors, filled holes, hired electric and replaced plumbing, hung light fixtures, painted and adjusted two old doors to fit our doorways, added new trim and redecorated... whew!  

After all of the mess, adding the finishing touches was so rewarding!

It was quite tedious labor, but so worth the finished product! I am totally loving our new space. I especially love all of the accents:
  • his & hers towel hooks
  • iron and black accents (the coat/laundry rack and light fixtures)
  • my milkhouse candle with iron lid (available at Willow Creek in Elkader, Iowa)
  • our antique mason jars for our laundry containers
  • an antique wire basket to hold clean towels and soap
  • the little wooden desk that one of Zach's ancestors built
  • the decorative deer head that Zach's mom gave us so we wouldn't be the only ones in the neighborhood without a deer on the wall ;)
  • a nice large space for me to hang paintings
  • And last but definitely not least... a shadow box holding wheat from the Wold farm in Montana which was woven by Zach's grandma, Ethelyn Herrmann.
(If you love my painting as much as I do and would like to have it in your newly renovated room, it is for sale!) 

Thanks for being so patient over this entire year of me promising a "coming soon: laundry bath reno"! I hope you've enjoyed seeing the madness behind the finished product! 



  1. Nice work Zach & Jillian. I love all of the little touches. Maybe one day I will come see it all in person. Wanna come to Phoenix and redo my bath and laundry room?? LOL.

    1. Pari, you are so invited to come any time! We had help w ours and it was still quite an ordeal, but we love it! Take pics when you do yours! :)..oh I'd totally come to pheonix and visit!!