Friday, November 7, 2014

Happy Birthday, Mom!

For just over three years I've officially been a Herrmann; however, Zach's parents have treated me like family since the first night they had me over for dinner (nearly seven years ago!). I joke that they moved to NC to find me and bring me back to Iowa--I'm a Hawkeye by marriage. It is truly a blessing to have married into such a loving wonderful family. Not everyone can count their mom-in-law as one of their closest friends; I know I'm lucky! Since we can't be with Mom on her birthday, I thought I'd celebrate her on the blog... 

Happy birthday to our "Sunny-in-Saint-Olaf" mom,
You truly are the bomb!

With small-town roots and big-city style, 
You know how to go the extra mile.

You've peeled, primed, and painted,
We've worked til we nearly fainted. 

With ideas, encouragement, and lots of help,
We'd give you five starts on the website called Yelp!

Mom's taught us numerous important things, 
Faith, Hope, and Love is what she sings.

She’s pretty, smart, and super funny
She’s crafty, clever, and sweet as honey.

If you haven't caught on by now,
our Mom is amazing, she's awesome, she's wow!

Thanks for all that you do,
but mostly, for just being you!

Happy Birthday, Mom! We can't wait to see you in just a couple of weeks! Love, J&Z

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