Sunday, December 14, 2014

Zach's Album- Videogame Summer- available now!

Anyone in need of an awesome stocking stuffer under 10-bucks!?!?! Zach has worked over 9 years writing, making all of the music, recording, and mixing his album, Videogame Summer. It rocks, it rolls, and there's even a country track! (Can you believe it's only $8 and that includes shipping?!)

Nearly seven years ago, Zach picked me up for our first date, Feb 6th, 2008. We went to City Tavern and over a few cocktails talked about art, music, and life. While I forget most dates/ historical factoids/ movies I watched yesterday/etc, I remember that first night like it was yesterday. I remember sharing our art with each other; some paintings I was working on, and the songs he had been creating. I was blown away by our conversation, by the way he listened and seemed genuinely interested. It was so refreshing. 

Over the past seven years Zach's been by my side, he's been my number one supporter; he's believed in me, he's ever-so-patiently critiqued the hundreds of paintings I've sat in front of him , he's listened to me whine when I've had creativity-block. He's helped me set up at festivals, move studios, take pieces to galleries, and build my website. Most importantly, he's loved me when I needed it most, calmed me when I'm frustrated, and taught me to trust. He's been the best teammate I could have ever hoped for and I love him more each day. 

While we've been busy with school, work, getting married, buying and selling a home in NC, moving to Iowa, and life, Zach managed to finish the album he started over nine years ago! I am SOOOOOO proud of him! Videogame Summer was released on my 30th birthday and I am so happy I got to be by his side to celebrate! 

We would like to thank all of you who've already shown your love and support by purchasing and listening to Zach's CD.  You guys rock! 

For those of you interested in a copy of your own, for a friend, or for your office Secret Santa, follow the link above or below and a few easy clicks will have "Videogame Summer" at your door!  

(Orders must be placed by Wed Dec 17th in order to have them by Christmas)


  1. I've really enjoyed listening to my copy of Videogame Summer. I've always known that Zach is an extra smart kind of fellow, and it shows in this CD! One thing you didn't mention is there are a lot of tracks on this CD, over 20 if I recall correctly. Order a CD and decide which song is your favorite!

    1. Thanks so much Cindy! You make a great point, there are a ton of songs on it! :) The songs are diverse; some thought provoking, some fun, and some funny. I cannot even begin to guess the amount of hours that Zach devoted to each one. Again, thanks for your support and awesome review Cindy! :)