Friday, January 30, 2015

Art on the farm 2015...

Last weekend, I had the chance to paint with a very talented young artist. We started by talking about the elements and principles of design and how they are used to create an interesting composition. Studying color relationships, we focused on recognizing the various colors in the highlights and shadows.

While aware of our elements and principles of design, we used everyday subjects (an apple and book) with a minimal background to create a fun, contemporary composition. Recognizing the beauty and interest in the mundane is an artist's forte.

I absolutely love the way Katie's apple painting turned out...

Katie created a lively expressive painting using bold brushstrokes and custom colors. I particularly like the rough edges around the apple and the outer edge of the composition. This along with the repetition of shapes, the color palette, and the positioning of the apple create contrast, harmony, and balance in the overall work.

Katie, thanks for letting me share your cool painting! Art On!


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