Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Lane Cake- YUM!

Today, I share with you... Mom's fabulous Lane Cake. 

Last month, Zach and I drove back east for Christmas. We were so grateful and excited to spend time with family and friends for the holidays. One of the first things I did when I got home was help Mom make a Lane cake. My brother always requests Lane Cake and it's one of Dad's favorites, too. This Lane Cake meant that my brother and sis-in-law and sweet little nieces would be arriving the next day! I knew Mom was excited to be baking because it was Christmas and her family was all coming home! So, I love Lane Cake because not only is it delicious, but it also reminds me of family. 

I am aware that Lane Cake has been around for ages; I'm not 100 percent sure where this recipe originally came from, but mom gave me her permission to share it with you.  Mom said she's been using this recipe for forty years, and she thinks this version of Lane Cake was a recipe from her friend, Elaine. Wherever it came from, it's fantastic and has always been a favorite in our house!

I'll let you in on a little secret, I use cake mix from the box 9 times out of 10. It's delicious! I don't always have time to do everything from scratch and I have no shame in saying so. So, when it comes to cakes, cupcakes, etc, I focus on the icing. Besides, what makes Mom's Lane Cake so special is that filling and frosting. Mom uses a traditional seven-minute frosting, which is light, fluffy, and perfectly compliments the thick, sweet, whiskey filling. 

  1. Start with your white cake layers
  2. Make the filling  (see below )
  3. Dump the thick nutty, gooey, whiskey filling on top of your first layer and cover with the second cake layer.
  4. Next, whip up your 7-minute frosting until stiff peaks form (see below)
  5. Last, cover the cake with frosting and be sure to bring your frosting all of the way down to the cake plate--sealing the cake to the plate underneath your frosting.
  6. Enjoy!                               


Is Lane Cake a favorite in  your home already? What kind of cake do you ask for on your birthday? Does it surprise you that I like whiskey in my cake?  ;)

Now that you know about my cake mix secret...
Be on the look out for my homemade whipped cream topping! 


  1. I have had countless desserts from your mom, but I don't think I have every had this one :) I'll have to try...or we will have a ladies' trip and try :) Leslie

    1. Wow! Leslie, I can't believe you've not had this yet! ..... Maybe because Mom knows you're not a huge fan of coconut. Also-- I would LOVE a ladies' trip soon. :) Let's get to planning. xoxo