Thursday, June 11, 2015

Flowers & Memories

soft like memory
the peony buds blossom
fragrant and fluffy.

These magical wonderfully-fragrant flowers bloom briefly in the spring. They're my favorite, and lucky for us, Zach's grandma planted several around the farm many many years ago! 

Ten years ago, I couldn't have imagined finding my perfect man, or the wonderful family he came from, or that he would sweep me off my feet! I never thought that I would live on a farm in Iowa, nor did I imagine a springtime filled with vintage blossom-draped peony bushes. (I didn't even pay attention to flowers!) I certainly never dreamt that flowers would have the ability to tug on my heartstrings. Although we didn't use peonies in my wedding bouquet, we had an August wedding, they still remind me of the days of wedding planning, of our happy exciting adventure, of how far we've come, of the importance of the small things, of blessings, of love.  

When planning our wedding four years ago (time flies!) and planting our first flowerbeds, I began to develop an appreciation for flowers.  In our first flowerbed I was grateful to receive lots of help (and some flowers) from both of our moms and from Zach's grandparents. I remember coming home from our honeymoon to a freshly laid brick flowerbed border. Zach's grandparents and great aunt and cousin had stayed at our house in North Carolina while we were honeymooning and decided to surprise us by building a brick border like they had recently done at the farm. It was such a sweet and thoughtful surprise. Pulling up to that first flowerbed in our little neighborhood filled my newly-wed heart with joy.

I suppose it took our wedding and our first house for me to start paying attention to the world of gardening and flowers. I've always enjoyed my mom's flowerbeds, but as a child I never recognized the effort that went into them each year: the weeding, the planting, the watering, the mulching, the variety.... She made it look so easy! 

While I've gained some experience over the years, I still have a ton to learn! I have managed to pick up on some of the basics. I usually try to plant perennials (flowers that come back each year). I once asked my mom why she always picked out so many geraniums; why not more roses? They've just always been some of her favorites. This spring I found myself at the flower center being pulled directly to the table full of geraniums and it was like seeing them through her eyes. Maybe they simply reminded me of Mom. So, this year I planted several geraniums, knowing they won't survive the Iowan winter. Have I mentioned each day I notice I'm turning more and more into my mom(s) and grandma(s)?

Each time I walk by the flowerbeds here at the farm, I'm reminded of love, happiness, our moms, and our grandmas, and Grace. It is a blessing to see love and beauty in the small things, and I'm grateful.


Hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane!
Now time to paint...

p.s. Take a look at my sweet mason jar peony bouquet...


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