Monday, June 22, 2015

the small things

I am thoroughly enjoying my Mason jar flower frog from Willow Creek!

When I am rushing around, feeling a little stressed out or over-extended, sometimes the simplest thing can catch my eye and remind me to stop and breathe.

Last week, when my fresh peony bouquet had run its course, I just kept running by it in the living room. I was too busy to change out the flowers, or maybe I was wishing they'd just hang on another day. Finally, I decided to let go of spring and throw out the peonies I'd been enjoying daily. Rather than sulking, I rummaged around the yard and pulled together this little mix. I was so pleasantly surprised how these few small vibrant flowers brightened my day. I still can't believe how perfect my new whimsical arrangement matches my living room!

Now as I race around from one meeting to the other, running up and down the stairs to grab the print-off that I left by the computer, or a favorite pair of earrings before heading out the door, my socks, or even the keys I misplaced, I catch myself pausing for a split second in the living room to soak up this little ray of sunshine on our coffee table.

I have a feeling I'll be keeping this Mason jar full all summer long!
Mmmmm... maybe next I'll find some Queen Anne's Lace!

The small things. :)


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