Thursday, July 9, 2015

Ava Does Iowa & Our Memorial Day Tradition!

Throwback Thursday! 
Ava Does Iowa & Our Memorial Day Tradition Continues... :)

I'm finally posting the amazing week spent sharing northeast Iowa with my sweet friends and their beautiful baby girl! Since Heather and I met nine years ago, we've kept in touch with facebook, facetime, emails, texts, and phone dates. We've watched each other find our soulmates, taken vacations together, helped with each others' weddings, traveled to see each other all over the world, and most recently, we've celebrated as she became a MOM! 

One of our favorite traditions has always been getting together over the long Memorial Day weekend. Most years we've spent Memorial Day weekend in North Carolina, while some years we've had to adjust our "traditional weekend" by a few weeks. Only once or twice we were unable to get together. This year we celebrated on the farm as they got to spend an entire week with us! We had so much fun and managed to take a "few" pictures of Ava's epic trip to visit her Aunt Jilly and Uncle Zachy!

The Highlights:

  • She's Gone Country! We visited the neighbors' organic livestock farm! 
  • Ava got to meet Miss Jilly (the calf named after her Aunt Jilly) and even bottle fed a calf and lamb! It was fun watching Ava interact with the animals, but I think her mommy and daddy enjoyed it just as much and maybe more!
  • We played at several fun parks in Elkader, Marion, and even while enjoying ICE CREAM at The Burger Barn!
  • SILLY! Us grown-ups even enjoyed a ride down a slide or two!
  • There were lots of snuggles, sleepy afternoons, and baby hugs.
  • Girls Day! Heather and I made it to a morning YOGA class, had lunch at an Algerian restaurant overlooking the river, and spent the day shopping while the guys babysat!  
  • Guys Day! The guys had a movie day and made a trip over to Wisconsin, while us chicks hung out on the farm during a lazy rainy day.
  • Ava played dress-up with Aunt Jilly's sunglasses and giant purse!
  • The Farmhouse turned into a FUN-house! 
  • Ava loved Aunt Jilly's PB&J sandwiches!
  • We had an amazing dinner at Fennelly's Irish Pub! These Irish pub connoisseurs gave it a THUMBS UP! 
  • We cooked and grilled out on the farm, enjoyed cocktails and lots of front porch time!
  • Ava LOVED splashing in the Turkey River with her daddy and Uncle Zachy! 
  • She also loves Aunt Jilly's cellphone and flowers!
  • We had fun!

 Who could say no to that sweet face?

Ava totally did Iowa!

  •  And of course... MEMORIAL DAY! 
We had a blast with friends and family on the farm for Memorial Day 2015. It was so wonderful to watch all of these beautiful children run, laugh, and play all day! The weather was perfect,  the food delicious (not trying to toot my own horn!), the company cheerful, and it was an overall spectacular holiday! The tradition continues...

I'll cherish these memories for always!

 Heather and Nate, THANK YOU SOOOO Very MUCH for taking time off of work, packing all of those baby gadgets and gizmos, navigating the airports, flying with Ava for the first time, and spending a whole week with us on the farm!! We love you guys!!

♥ Aunt Jilly & Uncle Zachy

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