Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Garden Nachos


The photo definitely doesn't do this yummy nacho lunch justice. What can I say, I was in a HUGE hurry! (Seems to be a trend these days.) I just had to take a quick photo to show you all how I incorporated a few of our garden veggies into my "fast food" lunch today! 

I never have my meals planned out and half the time I'm not sure what's in the fridge. With the garden producing lots of cucumbers, squash, and green beans at the moment, I've been trying to think of different ways to use all of my fresh produce! So, I decided to whip up a quick nacho lunch today. 

Things I generally have on hand (Zach and I love tacos and homemade salsa!): 
  1. Salsa
  2. Cheese
  3. Sour Cream or Greek Plain Yogurt 
  4. Tortilla Chips  

Things I added fresh from the garden:
  1. Green Beans- adds crisp texture and great color
  2. Cucumber - brightens and refreshes, goes great with heat from the salsa
  3. Sweet Corn- from a neighbor's garden :) 

Homemade Garden Nachos! 

Only takes FIVE MINUTES:
1. Turn on your broiler to HI
2. Microwave whole ear of corn 2 minutes
3. Rinse and chop green beans and cucumber
4. Put large handful of tortilla chips on oven safe plate and sprinkle with cheese 
5. Throw on green beans and corn off the cob 
6. Put under broiler for 2 minutes or until cheese melts and chip edges begin to get browned
7. Remove from oven
8. Sprinkle your chopped cucumbers over the top 
9. Finish with salsa and plain Greek yogurt for a healthy enhancement to your 
garden fresh nacho lunch! 
10. Enjoy!

Luckily, Zach and I almost always have homemade salsa in the fridge, tortilla chips in the cupboard, and shredded cheddar cheese on hand. Since I didn't have sour cream, I decided to use my greek yogurt and it was awesome! 

I'd Love to Know:
What fun veggies will you throw in from your garden or grocery? 
Have you ever used Greek yogurt in place of sour cream? 
This is probably my favorite light summertime lunch, what's yours?!

Answer in the comments below!

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