Sunday, July 19, 2015

My Orchid │The small things ☺

love orchids.
Not only are orchids gorgeous, but I love how long their blooms last! I definitely don't pride myself on keeping plants alive, but some of these exotic-looking whimsical flowers will last for months, and you barely have to tend to them! You can find them at almost any home-store, plant shop, or sometimes even your local grocery. For these reasons, I've always been quick to purchase an orchid to spruce up my living areas, especially before company or cocktail parties☺. 

Last summer my mom, Aunt Kym, and cousin Leslie came for a visit out at the farm. Wouldn't you know one of my last minute preparations was picking up groceries, but I forgot to get an orchid! Thankfully, my sweet hubby grabbed one off of the clearance rack for $5! It was beautiful, and like usual, the blooms lasted at least a month. 

In the past when the blooms have faded, I've given up on the plant and eventually thrown it out. Last year I decided to keep up with the occasional watering because the glass container looked so pretty filled with the large green leaves. They say adding 3 ice cubes a week is proper but I just poured in about a 1/4 cup of water whenever I remembered... which probably equaled every other week or so. 

Over time the roots began to grow, and I began to realize that the orchid could potentially re-bloom! I've never kept one long enough or tried to get it to re-bloom before. I kept up the occasional watering and one day a month or so ago, there it was.... a brand new shoot! 

With excitement building, I kept watering and watching as buds formed! The buds grew and grew each day, and finally, this week I noticed the largest bud begin to open...

After nearly a year of waiting (suspenseful waiting the past two months), my occasional watering paid off with the most beautiful orchid bloom I've ever seen! 

With the occasional watering (such a small act), some resilience and forgiveness for those weeks I forgot about it, this little orchid taught me patience, inspired hope, and created joy. What a beautiful blessing. Life is full of precious moments. Witnessing this little orchid re-bloom was another reminder for me to slow down, take notice, and enjoy the small things.


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