Thursday, August 13, 2015

Fox Crossing Commission!

Fox Crossing│a young lady's first commission!

Two weeks ago, I carefully packed up my artwork and headed to La Crosse, WI for Art Fair on the Green. It was my first fine art festival in the Midwest and it was a blast! (checkout the highlights here.) 

One of the coolest things was meeting a young lady, and her awesome family. Not only did mom and dad take home a very special piece titled "Siblings," the excitement and energy they shared as their lovely bright-eyed daughter asked me if I could paint her a fox was inspiring. Seeing anyone's eyes light up when they talk about art makes me happy, but seeing these parents encourage their daughter in her first commission was off the charts! Of course, I said "yes!" 

Mom snapped a quick photo of us as I jotted down the commission notes:

-loosely representational, referenced "a day by the water," likes how that painting "blends"
-FOX- main focus, in the middle of the painting
-trees, woods, water
-small stream

Did this young lady know what she wanted? You betcha! So I headed home from the festival with the task to make a fun fox painting! 

"Fox Crossing" was made possible with the insight and guidance from my collaboration partner, a young art enthusiast! Congrats on your first commission, your first JWebb original!  

aka JWebb

PS Don't forget:

Art in the Park 
Founders Park•Elkader, IA
August 22nd, 10-5pm
August 23rd, 10-4pm

I'd love to know...

Have you ever commissioned a painting of your own?
If you did, what would it be? 
Do you have a special piece of art you picked out yourself?

Let me know in the comments below!

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