Sunday, August 2, 2015

That Tree and Nature Pottery Exhibit-Check it out!

 That Tree and Nature Pottery Exhibit:
July 3rd - August 31st

Mark Hirsch, seasoned photographer and photojournalist, was skeptical when his friend first told him how great the iPhone camera was. His tune quickly changed after his very first time taking photos with his own iPhone! Like many artists, Hirsch became fixated on his subject, "That Tree": a tree he had admired for years and never once photographed. Now with his iPhone in hand, he took a photo of That Tree nearly everyday for a year. The photographs are breathtaking, ethereal, and exciting! You won't believe the variety of angles and the delicate manner in which he captured the essence of dew, snow, sun, and shadows. This show is a must-see; you'll never believe these photos were taken with an iPhone!

Mark has even made That Tree available in a beautiful large hardback book. Images of That Tree were gorgeously printed and published, available now at MMCA. Pick one up at the exhibit for your home or office!

With titles like "Ink Drawing Landscape" and "Etchings, November 18th" I caught myself trying to figure out if these were actually photographs of ink drawings and etchings! 

I love seeing new work by other artists, so of course I was interested in checking out this exhibition, but I honestly did not think I could be impressed by iPhone photos of a single tree. WOW, was I wrong. You've really got to see these images in person.  The MMCA crew has done it again with another truly mind-blowing exhibit. As if the iPhone photography of That Tree wasn't enough to excite you, you'll be equally wowed by Marjorie King's nature pottery!

Displaying an outdoor theme in the current Special Exhibit gallery, MMCA is also exhibiting Nature Pottery by Marjorie King.  From large to small, King's ceramic works of art are adorned with tons of texture, intricate pattern, leaf and nature imagery. They are rustic yet elegant, delicate yet sturdy, captivating.

The overall impression of both artists' work will make you crave a walk through the outdoors. Hirsch and King's artwork show seamlessly together and I hope you'll make it out to the McGregor-Marquette Center for the Arts to catch this outstanding exhibit while you still can!

The exhibit runs through August 31st; don't miss out!

As always, don't forget to check out the amazing work of our region's finest artists, showcased everyday in the Retail Gallery!

aka JWebb  ;)