Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Welcome home, Buddy!

Meet Buddy, our new farm pup! Well, he's not actually a puppy. He is a 4 yr old collie rescue from the Humane Society of Northeast Iowa. I've been wanting a dog for quite a while and knew I would eventually find the perfect match for us. When my sister was in town a week ago we decided to check out the Humane Society of NE Iowa. Britt has always found the most awesome rescue pets, so I felt certain she would help me find a good match! We walked in and Buddy stole my heart at first sight! I knew I found my doggy. Britt and I looked at several of the others too, and they were all adorable, but I knew right away... 

Zach fell for him, too!

We had to leave him for a few days to have his vet check-up and paperwork handled. It was tough to leave him, but the staff and volunteers took such great care of our sweet Buddy. They went above and beyond in the whole adoption process and I couldn't be more grateful!

We got to bring Buddy home yesterday! 

Thank you Julie, Abby, and all of the wonderful volunteers who took care of our Buddy! It was obvious when I went to visit him that you all loved him and he loved you back! So far he is adjusting super to life with us on the farm! He is being a fantastic listener and getting comfortable around his house and my art studio! I'd say we are bonding quite nicely and will keep you updated on our fun farm life adventures! :)

Are you looking for a pet of your own?! Check out The Humane Society of Northeast Iowa or your own local rescue. There are so many lovable animals hoping for their forever home! This may sound cliché, but rescuing a pet doesn't just make an animal's day, it will change your world... and that's the truth!

We're the lucky ones!
Jillian & Zach

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