Sunday, May 1, 2016

Happy May Day 2016!

Happy May Day!

Today we noticed a sweet floral surprise on our front patio: a May Day Basket! This is such a lovely springtime tradition that several people still carry on in small-town Iowa. In fact, I had never heard of nor encountered a May Day Basket until we moved to the farm. This sweet gesture is in celebration of the change of seasons, the warm weather arriving, and sharing of the flowers produced by the April showers. It has been a bit rainy the past few weeks and we are looking forward to the sunny forecast for the week to come.  

Thank you to our secret May Day deliverer! You brought us some early sunshine to the week's forecast as we eagerly await the arrival of our sweet baby girl! (39 weeks today♥)


p.s. ...Yes, Buddy is spoiled. :)

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