Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Lifestyle Photography

Today our little punkin turned ten months old! 

I photograph Emmajean every day with my cellphone and often with my professional camera. Every month I try to take a few extra-special photos on her "birthday"... I am a photographer after all. This month she has changed so much and I wanted to document the day with one of my natural-light lifestyle photo sessions.

I thought you all would like to see these adorable images and also take a look at what I mean by a lifestyle photo session. Verbally, I can tell you that my photographic style is a mix between lifestyle and traditional portrait photography. While I do stage and pose some of the shots, the majority of the photos were taken doing things Emmajean does all of the time in her own environment. 

What I love about these photos is that not only do they capture her curiosity, her exploration, her playing, and her many faces, they do so in a space that is sentimentally significant to us. When we look back at these photos in 20 years, I'll be able to show Emmajean how the banner that hung above her bed was saved from the beautiful baby shower that Cindy and Julie threw for us at our church before she was born. I'll be able to tell her that it hung above her crib that was passed down from her cousins Aubrie and Callan in North Carolina; and how her Gima and Aunt Britty painted the crib the perfect shade of yellow and drove it out to our farmhouse in Iowa. I'll be able to tell her how special it was to read her all of the books that so many wonderful friends gave to her. 

I'll be able to show her that her nursery was neat and tidy...     

and that it was also full of toys, a zoo, and covered in dirty clothes. 

I'll be able to show her how she loved taking out all of the toys and playing in her toy box. I'll be able to tell her how she learned to balance that month and loved to explore in every nook and cranny.

I'll tell her how I put her in her crib to keep her safe while I went to the bathroom or changed out the laundry. I'll be able to show her how we had to lower her crib because she was growing so quickly.

I'll be able to tell her this photo was one of the very first steps she took, off balance, holding onto mommy's leg. 

I'll tell her how she just learned to rock herself in the toy "basket," and how we thought those gappy baby teeth were the cutest things ever! I'll tell her how I let her pull out her clothes for fun because it was so precious to watch her play, even if she made a mess.

I'll tell her how she loved to get her hands on anything made of paper, and would try to eat it! 

I'll tell her how she learned to stand tall and how to squat to get down safely. 

And yes, after all of the playing was done, Mommy cleaned up the nursery for a few tidy photos, too.

And while we had so much fun making a mess and taking beautiful real-life photos, I also captured a few posed images that reflected her new-found joy of her toy basket. 

Yes, it was a wonderful day. We played, we photographed, and we wore this little 10-month-old out!

Interested in one of my lifestyle photo sessions for you or your little one? Visit JillianWebbArt.com for session information and contact me. I'd love to help you save these fleeting amazing moments with your little ones.


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