Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Perfect Baby Gift

The PERFECT baby gift! 

My sister is the owner/creator of AutumnMossDesign on Etsy and makes several different handmade items. One of my favorites is her handmade organic teething ring. They are made of natural materials, neutrally colored, and totally chic.

These are absolutely perfect for all babies, gender neutral, safe, and did I mention.... my little absolutely loves hers!

Emmajean is ten months old and teething like crazy. I hold the the cloth under cold running water and she absolutely loves chewing on it. I can tell it instantly soothes her little teeth and she loves to chew on the wooden ring. This is officially my new "go-to-gift" for all of my friends who are expecting or already have little ones of their own!  It's reassuring to know that I'm giving them something they'll need and that their babies will love, all while supporting a small business!

So proud of you, Britt! Keep up the gorgeous creative work!



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