Wednesday, October 18, 2017


 17 Months

Our little whippersnapper turned 17 months old this past week and if she isn't trying to climb into something then she's trying to climb over it! She has absolutely ZERO fear and defiant to the word "no." I am constantly on my toes. 

That being said, she's acquired some pretty awesome balancing skills and is developing quite a sense of independence.... especially in the kitchen. She's always gravitated to our baking drawer, so I took out the breakables and left this drawer unlocked for her enjoyment. Once she has thrown every last measuring cup, spatula, and mixing bowl over her shoulder, she begins her pretend baking show for my enjoyment! 

This is her signature over the back toss.

As you can probably guess, my own baking has decreased a tiny bit due to the fact that in addition to washing up all of my baking gear at the end, I now have to get to wash all of my baking gear before I use it! :) 

We're still working on the "clean the kitchen after we're done baking" show. 

All of the extra washing and cleaning, the banging of the pots and pans, the constant picking up...It's totally worth it! Watching my little one play in our kitchen is one of those sweet little reminders to take joy in the small things. ♥ 

--- TELL ME ---
Your kiddos loved playing in the kitchen, too?

Too cute to stop it, right?


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