Saturday, October 28, 2017




White paper bag from Pedretti's Bakery + Black marker + Scissors optional
We figured we might as well make something fun and seasonal out of our trip to the bakery! 

If we're being completely candid, Kaley and I had more than Rice Krispies when she visited this week. Obviously, we had to make a trip to our local bakery! Pedretti's is famous in northeast Iowa and now in the Carolinas; because, I'm sure Kaley is telling everyone about the delicious "doughnut tasting" plate we created. Since I get to go whenever I want, I let Kaley choose anything she wanted and then we sliced them up and shared them. 

My go-to has always been a chocolate-covered, cream-filled doughnut and these are seriously the BEST. I have broadened my horizons at Pedretti's though. I pretty much love anything and everything they bake--- not pictured are their enormous glazed croissants, which possibly now tie my love of the chocolate-covered, cream-filled. If you want a croissant you have to get there early- they sell out quick! 

YUM! Even Emmajean knows what comes home in the white bag!

Everything in moderation, except when on a stay-cation with family or friends in town! 
What's your favorite sweet treat!? 
Have you been to Pedretti's --Do you have a favorite bakery?

Are you worried about my sweet-tooth, yet?!

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