Tuesday, October 24, 2017

CousinKaleyDoesIowa | Adventure II


Adventure Day II

Hi Folks! We're here at SunnyinSaintOlaf to update you on cousin Kaley's latest farm adventures. We didn't plan out activities for Kaley's visit, we're just taking it a day at a time and doing WHATEVER WE WANT! :) It's been great! 

Yesterday we took Emmajean to story-time at the local library; she loves playing with her new friends. Then we ran an errand and headed over to the Mississippi River to look at my in-laws' house progress. They're planning a move to Iowa and we couldn't be more excited to have them near by!! The house is coming along great. Kaley and I jumped out for a quick photo-op overlooking the Great Mississippi River. Can you guys believe that view? 

SO EXCITED to have Gima and Grandpa in Iowa SOON!!

Next, we drove up the Great River Road and through the lovely river town of McGregor. Then over the long, blue bridge we crossed the Mississippi! Kaley just LOVED seeing the casino boat docked along the Iowa side. We headed into Wisconsin, it was her first time in cheese country and her first taste of Culver's. 

What??? Fried cheese curds in a drive- thru!! I can't believe I've had a Culver's kind of close to me in SC and had NO IDEA what I was missing. -K 

The casino boat was one of my favorite things we saw! I was in awe at the beauty of the Mississippi River and how wide it was compared to rivers back home. I could just imagine the casino boat floating up and down the river back in the day. -K

Last on our agenda was to pick out some fleece so that she could help me make my first hand-tied blanket. I've never made one before and never work with fabric so this was an awesome little adventure for me, too! Emmajean received an oversized, hand-tied blanket when she was born and I thought it would be something neat I could make for a gift for one of my friends. So, after we picked out the perfect fabric, we left Wisconsin and crossed through our little town of Saint Olaf on our way back to the farm. 

It was the perfect cozy night for stir-fry and blanket making.

Stir Fry was delicious! You know Z had mac&cheese though, lol. 

Have you ever made a fleece blanket? It was super fun and easy and will make the perfect gift! (I have a very special someone who was just born all the way over in Germany that I need to send this to. Be on the lookout little guy!) 


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