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My sweet southern cousin Kaley made her way to Iowa this weekend and we are so excited to show her real, small-town, rural life! Her first night at the farm was already an adventure and I figured it might be fun to hear it from her first person. Lucky for you (and for me) she's agreed to guest blog her Iowa adventures with me this week! So, without further adieu (imagining her sugary sweet southern accent) let's hear about her first night at the homestead!

Adventure Story I.

After a day of flying from Charlotte, NC and seeing the beautiful Iowa countryside for the first time, I snuggled into the fluffy bed, got my pillows situated, and dozed off rather easily. At some point, I woke up to a dog collar jingling beside my bed. Ok, cool. No big deal. I'm a big dog person. Buddy-long-nose had made his way into my bedroom.  He walked around a bit and found a spot on the floor to lay down. I didn't know if he was even allowed upstairs but he was behaving and it was storming so I fell back asleep. 

I was back in a deep sleep and I was suddenly awoken by a 70 pound dog jumping on the bed. I sat up in a fright because in the moment I didn't realize what was happening.  As the lightning flashes came through the window, Buddy was staring at me. I got up and tried to make him get off the bed, only because I didn't know if he was allowed.  He just kept calmly staring and wasn't budging so I got back in bed. Buddy would scoot closer with each crack of thunder and flash of lightning, so I snuggled him up and fell asleep. 

I woke up to an empty bed. Jillian asked how and I slept and I said "well, I slept good, but ummmmm, is Buddy allowed on the furniture?" We had a good laugh and the answer was no. In case you were wondering, Buddy has a new BFF and had his most comfy nights sleep ever!  

Of course I was mortified to find out that our collie had jumped in the bed with our overnight guest, but at least it was my cousin and not my mom-in-law! HAHAHA In all seriousness it was adorable to think Kaley worried that we would be upset that she "let" him sleep in the bed. We couldn't even hold it against him! After all, she is quite cuddly and it was storming. 

I guess we will see where Buddy decides to sleep tonight!
More adventures to come! 

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