Tuesday, October 24, 2017

DIY Fleece Blanket

DIY Fleece Blanket

All You Need:2 - 1.5 Yard Pieces of Fleece and Scissors 

I've never made a blanket before and I've barely worked with fabric, so this easy DIY fleece blanket project was PERFECT for me! My cousin told me it was super easy and that I did not need to measure, worry about perfect cuts, etc. We simply went to Walmart, picked out the perfect fleece colors and headed home to create my first DIY fleece blanket! It only took us 35 minutes for the two of us to make this adorable, over-sized, baby blanket! 

This is how easy it was! 

Step one: We bought a pattern and solid fleece, 1.5 yards each (For an adult sized throw blanket we suggest using 2 yards of fabric for each layer). I chose a red plaid for my friend's baby because they're Alabama fans and I didn't want to go with the more traditional baby blue. 
Step two: Layout the fabric evenly on top of each other. (We stretched our fabric out in the living room floor so we could get comfy and watch TV while we worked.) 

Step three: Cut out a square in one of the corners. Cut your first strips (about two fingers wide and a finger long) and tie together. Do this at each corner to start. 

Step four: Cut strips along the entire side of the blanket. 

Step five: Tie together the top and bottom of each cut. (We double knotted.) 

VIOLA! You've got a beautiful personalized blanket to snuggle or give to someone special! 

How cute is this for a baby boy!? 

 Kaley--Thanks for helping me conquer my fear of fabric!!

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