Monday, October 30, 2017

Luna Stones - Special Sale during November

Luna Stones |  Featuring Kris Grover - Artist/Owner of Luna Fiber Artist Co.

Today I'm featuring Luna Stones by artist and owner of Luna Fiber Artist Co., Kris Grover! Kris is a super talented artist who typically works with acrylic paint, fiber, & torn-paper on canvas or panel, but she's recently added jewelry to her repertoire. She refers to her latest work as Luna Stones and they're delightful! They take on Kris's abstract painting style and joyful demeanor.  You can really tell she has a lot of fun creating these and you'll have fun wearing them!

I absolutely love the pair of heart-shaped Luna Stones that I bought from her at Wining with the Arts a couple of weeks ago. I love that they're light weight but substantial, super fun, colorful, and affordable!


These little gems are in away a collaboration between Kris and another local artist. Kris worked with Linda Sulzdorf of Madwoman Pottery to design and create porcelain stones that she then hand-painted in her Luna Fiber Artist style. She's created beautiful necklaces and earrings that are all intricately and individually painted making each one-of-a-kind. You know how I feel about one-of-a-kind! 

Luna Stones will make awesome gifts and perfect stocking stuffers, so make sure you get an extra pair or two for a friend! I was lucky to see Kris's initial launch of Luna Stones in person at Wining with the Arts, but for a limited time you can buy them directly from Kris over at her facebook event and art sale. Find out more information and order from her directly during the month of November by clicking here! 

You can find out more info on Kris's artwork over at and on facebook! 

Beautiful work, my friend! 


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