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Shop Local for the Holidays!

Hi, folks!  It's that time of year again when people try to think of something unique for holiday gifts and I'm here to help! OBVIOUSLY, I'm a huge supporter of shopping local. When you can shop local you are supporting the people in your community directly. If that person then supports local, and so on and so on, you've got yourself one awesome thriving community! 


One great local gift idea would be to support one or several of your local artists! (uuhhhmmmm, I'm not just saying this because I am an artist! Of course, I welcome any of your art gifting inquires.♥) Seriously though, I love art and appreciate receiving and giving art as gifts as much as the next person! At galleries,  farmers markets, shops, art fairs, or holiday markets, I often stock up on handmade things that I LOVE, because I know they'll make great gifts! BONUS--- you can find ART in every price range!

... I already gifted this adorable handmade hat to sweet Emmajean, but you can find one similar at the Left Bank Shop and Gallery in McGregor, IA! This would be an absolutely awesome stocking stuffer! 

A couple of weeks ago I made it out to "Wining with the Arts," a local event at Empty Nest Winery held annually in October. At this event, I purchased several things that will make great gifts including handmade pottery, jewelry, and even a mini-abstract painting. I am a painter, and yes, I still love to buy paintings! I like having beautiful art around me and find that work from other artists is often inspirational in my own creative process. Do you know someone who loves art, surprise them with a gift card to a local gallery or from an artist you know directly! (JWebb Fine Art & Photography offers gift cards- contact me or for info!) 

I definitely racked-up at Wining with the Arts and promise to GIFT the majority of things I bought (all for super reasonable prices). I can't lie though... I'm definitely keeping my Luna Stone earrings and at least one set of small mugs that are the perfect size and shape for sipping my espresso this winter! 

Find the perfect pair of Luna Stones for your loved one by clicking HERE! My friend, and talented artist/owner of Luna Fiber Artist Co., Kris Grover creates these in Elkader, IA. 

Do you have a favorite potter in your area? I've collected pottery from NC to Iowa and have several favorites! You can find gorgeous local pottery at the galleries I've listed below. 
A few of my favorite spaces to shop ART near Saint Olaf are: 
Take 20% OFF 
any of my JWebb original paintings found at: 
The Guttenberg Gallery and
The Left Bank Shop and Gallery 
on Nov. 25th, 2017! 

Just let them know you heard about it here.
Thanks for shopping local!

I'm sure you can find fantastic art at your local galleries, too! Comment below your favorite galleries so I can add them to my "must see list!" Thanks in advance

A Friend Date!

Now, speaking of wineries and the spirit of giving... another great gift idea is a nice bottle of wine from one of your local wineries or a bottle of specialty beer from your local brewery! OR What's more fun than giving spirits? Sharing them with a friend! If you're buying for a close friend, why not make them a handmade "gift card" for a winery date or lunch date! You guys go together for a day away with wine/beer and cheer! Food, friends, spirits.. sounds like a BLAST right? I know I would be totally excited for this gift! 

I know you have plenty of places near you that pop in your head for a FRIEND DATE gift idea, right?! 

Some of my local favorites near Saint Olaf are: 

....and If you're looking to "gift" a night out at THE local hangout in Saint Olaf proper.. it's gonna be the Saint Olaf TavernPeriod. It's not just all we've got, it's absolutely delicious, they often have live music and plenty of small-town charm! 


It's personal, it's thoughtful, it's priceless! If you're on a budget like me (well I try to be anyway), then a simple offering of your time or talent could be the best gift of all. Do you have a friend who has a child, offer to babysit for an hour or two. (Thanks Micah for this particular idea... I've offered babysitting before, but never as a Christmas gift!) Offer to watch a friend's pet for a weekend so they can go out of town. Offer to ride along to a doctors appointment or offer to help clean house with a friend.These are things you would most often offer to a close friend anyway, but you may just have not thought to do so as a gift before. If someone does offer their time as a gift, then don't be afraid to take them up!

Think about your talents, we all have them, maybe it's crocheting, quilting, baking, soap-making! It's such a special gift to receive something someone has created by hand. So never feel like you can't offer yourself, your time or your talent.. it's definitely one of the greatest gifts a person could receive.  

Have you been shopping for Christmas gifts yet? 
Are you ready for lights? I am! 
Oops, we're not through Halloween yet are we!  I wrote this post back in October and just now getting to post it, I've obviously been ready for the holidays for awhile!

I did not receive any compensation from the establishments mentioned...
these ideas & recommendations are simply my gift to you!

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